Specialized Deflect vindjacka dam
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Specialized Deflect vindjacka dam

Specialized Deflect vindjacka dam

vindjacka dam

Praktisk och lätt vindjacka, Hög regntålighet. 2 fickor med dragkedja, Vindtäta dragkedjor framtill, Reflex runtom, Hög fodrad krage, Invändig bröstficka för elektronik, Utomordentligt bra jacka.

Packable jackets can be a real hit or miss in the performance department. Either they're too light to block the elements or too heavy to even fit snuggly into a jersey pocket. This isn't the case with our Women's Deflect™ Jacket, however. It's designed to be easily packable and highly efficient at thwarting Mother Nature's temper tantrums.

The Women's Deflect™ jacket is constructed from our wind- and water-resistant Deflect™ material. This stretch-woven fabric protects against most conditions, and it allows for a complete freedom of movement while in the saddle. And furthering the weather protection, the jacket also includes wrist seals to stop water from seeping up the sleeves and a drop tail to deflect wheel-spray.
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