S-Works Turbo 2 pack
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S-Works Turbo 2 pack

S-Works Turbo 2 pack


Världens snabbaste däck, med grepp och punkteringsskydd i paritet med markandens övriga toppdäck men lägst rullmotstånd av samtliga enligt oberoende test!

2 pack -spara 100:-

The S-Works Turbo tire sets the standard for how a performance road tire should perform. It's fast, light, and supple, making it not only the fastest tire we've ever made, but the fastest tire in the world. It features an extremely low rolling resistance and superior cornering traction that helped Michal Kwiatkowski take home Worlds on a rain-slicked attack. So no matter if you're climbing with the best of them or descending like a rider possessed, this is the tire for anyone who demands nothing short of the best.
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