Specialized Zee Cage L, carbon
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Specialized Zee Cage L, carbon

flaskställ kolfiber vänster

The 100% FACT carbon fiber S-Works Carbon Zee Cage II is compatible with SWAT™ solutions for tool and storage integration. It also features a unique left-side loading design that allows you to easily manage bottles when space on the frame is limited, or for when you're down in the drops.
SWAT™ technology design allows for storage and tool integration.
FACT carbon construction creates a splendid fusion of strength and light overall weight.
Side-load design for easy in-and-out accessibility for frames with compact bottle mounting area.
Left-hand loading on the down tube—right-hand loading on the seat tube.
Accepts EMT Cage Mount MTB Tool.
Accepts MTB XC Box (when used on compatible frames).
Weight: 28g
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