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Specialized S-Works Recon

Specialized S-Works Recon


Det kan vara svårt att hitta de perfekta XC långloppsskorna, men med S-Works 7 XC-skorna har vi gjort valet enkelt. Exceptionell kraftöverföring och otroligt lätta Med S-Works 7 XC får du XC-fokuserade mountainbikeskor som verkligen inte kompromissar.

We took a no-holds-barred approach to transferring every bit of your power to the pedals. The sole utilizes a rubber toe and heel for superior off-the-bike traction, while the pontoons are made of a harder TPU to provide excellent stability and power transfer to the pedal. A completely refined Padlock™ Heel, meanwhile, packs in more comfort with the same exceptional heel hold that you found in the previous iteration. And finally, the space-grade Dyneema™ material used in the upper doesn't stretch when pulled on, making sure that your foot stays where it's supposed to. With all of these features combined, you can be sure that we've kept in line with the motto "every watt is sacred."

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