Specialized S-Works Sub6
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Specialized S-Works Sub6Specialized S-Works Sub6

Specialized S-Works Sub6


Världens snabbaste sko, period.

The S-Works Sub6 shoes are the lightest (194g), most aerodynamically advanced shoes that we’ve ever produced. It features a traditional lacing system that cuts down on weight, while the Warp Sleeve™ lace cover, which is a sleeve worn directly over the laces, is Win Tunnel Engineered to reduce drag by producing a clean airflow over the shoe. And when combined with the narrower heel cup, you're able to save up to 35 seconds over 40 kilometers in comparison to the previous S-Works Road shoes. Plus, the all-new PadLock™ heel system ensures the same snug and secure fit that's found on the S-Works 6 shoes, amounting to a superb connection and efficient power transfer in a bold, yet minimalist, package. Less is more.
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