Specialized BG sula ++
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Specialized BG sula ++

anatomiska High Performance BG sulor

Utgående årsmodell av dessa, ingår distanskilar för att optimera framfotens vinkel mot pedal och därmed justera knäets rörelse. Ingår inte i den nya modellen.

Medically tested Body Geometry footbeds were co-developed with Andy Pruitt, Director of the Boulder Center for Sports Medicine, to enable a semi-custom fit that improves efficiency, increases comfort and reduces potential injury.
> By standing on the Specialized Arch-O-Meter, a rider can determine the optimum level of foot contour:
> + Red = minimal contours (this is our stock body geometry footbed with longitudinal arch & metatarsal button support. Same footbed in all our performance shoes. Same footbed we have used since 2000) = for people with flat foot
> ++ Blue = moderate (slightly higher longitudinal arch & metatarsal button) = for people with flat to standard arch
> +++ Green = significant support = for people with standard or high arches
> By combining the correct contour insole with an appropriate amount of BG
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