Roval Fusee SLX 24 Disc
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Roval Fusee SLX 24 Disc

hjulset, racer

Nya CLX 24 ett mycket lätt och aerodynamiskt hjul med Rovalś erkända kvalitet, Handbyggda hjul med DT baserade nav och eker. 3 års garanti.

The Roval SLX 24 Disc is a no nonsense wheelset. At only around 1515g, it's designed for light overall weight, but this doesn't mean that it sacrifices anything to strength or durability. Instead, its 20mm-wide alloy rims work to bolster the aforementioned characteristics, while also providing the optimal tire profile in order to enhance both confidence and feel on the road. Meanwhile, the rims have been built to Roval aero hubs that feature fast-engaging DT 350 star-ratchet internals at the rear. Add it all up, and you get a wheelset that checks all of the boxes for daily training and CX racing—lightweight, stiff, and incredibly reliable.
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7.999kr / st.
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