Roval CLX 32
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Roval CLX 32Roval CLX 32Roval CLX 32

Roval CLX 32

hjulset, racer

Nya CLX 32 är ultralätt, vikt från 1280g/par i kantrådsversion, tub 1155g!!, och aerodynamiskt hjul med Rovalś erkända kvalitet, Handbyggda hjul med DT baserade nav och eker. Ceramic Speed keramiska lager. 3 års garanti. Finns i kanttråd, disc och tubversion. Pris per par.
Tubeless klara, ventiler och fälgband för detta ingår samt bromsklotsar från Swiss stop!

When we set out to create a lightweight wheelset, we didn’t want it to be “just another climbing wheel." We wanted to provide the lightest wheelset out there with the aerodynamic attributes of something twice its depth. One wheel that'll get you to the base of a climb quickly and up it as efficiently as possible, yet still be strong enough for day-to-day abuse. It was a tall order, but in the end, the CLX 32 gave us more than what we asked for.

Our design process started with a low overall weight at the forefront, as we knew what weight we could hit with the information and technology we had available. With that weight in mind, we then turned our focus to aerodynamics and began an iterative process of designing and testing over 150 individual rims to find the optimal shape. These innumerable Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) models, Win Tunnel hours, and shots of espresso left us with a 32mm-deep shape that boasts more logged wind tunnel time than any other wheel in its category.
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