Specialized S-Works Fast Trak T5-T7
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Specialized S-Works Fast Trak T5-T7

Specialized S-Works Fast Trak T5-T7

MTB XC däck

Vårt Do-it-all mountainbikedäck, Grymt snabbt och lättrullat med fullt tillräckligt grepp för skog och stig och grus, Suveränt på Vasan t.ex. Nya T5/T7 gummiblandningen ger ännu bättre egenskaper än tidigare!

The S-Works Fast Trak has become synonymous with fast and lightweight tires that are able to handle the most technical courses in the most grueling conditions. The block pattern is carefully arranged for fast rolling abilities and superb traction, while the blocks have been optimized to adapt to slippery surfaces with enough bite for loose ground. And now, it also features our own GRIPTON® compound that maximizes mechanical grip, damps vibration, and offers unparalleled traction in either wet or dry conditions. How? Our GRIPTON® compound recipe filters low and high frequencies, keeping your tires planted and you in control.

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