Slang Specialized MTB Ultralight PV
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Slang Specialized MTB Ultralight PV

Slang Specialized MTB Ultralight PV

MTB, presta 29*1.75-2.4

The Turbo Ultralight road tube, with new patent-pending valve and valve base, is proven in rolling resistance testing to reduce drag by as much as 13% per wheel.
> Talc in the pack for a better ride and fewer flats
> Large 4.8cm base prevents wear and tear on the rim-to-valve interface
> Threading only at bottom half of valve stem allows secure fit to rim
> Presta Valve only, smooth at the top for easier pump head insertion
> Thinner tube than our standard tube saves 40 grams of rotating weight
> 0.6mm thick
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100kr / st.
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